Radius Pure Baby Toothbrush
Radius Pure Baby Toothbrush

Radius Pure Baby Toothbrush

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Product Overview

The RADIUS Pure Baby Toothbrush is for children ages 6-18 months. The Pure Baby has 8,000 ultra soft, premium RADIUS bristles to ensure cushioned brushing.  The oval head has non-aligned bristles to help avoid tooth erosion and provides cushioned brushing.
  • Made In USA

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    As Baby starts teething(6 mos.+) place smear of toothpaste on Radius Pure Baby Toothbrush. Brush gently on both the outside and inside surfaces twice daily. Brush tongue once to dislodge bacteria. Replace toothbrush when bristles look worn. At 18 months and older, switch to Radius totz.American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.


    No harmful chemicals.

    • Dye-free
    • BPA free